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Chemical Peels

Hormone Replacement Beverly HillsDramatically reduce the signs of aging without surgery!

Over the years, our skin is ravaged by sun damage, environmental toxins and lifestyle choices. A chemical peel uses an advanced solution to peel away the years by safely removing layers of wrinkles, blemishes and variances in skin pigmentation to dramatically improve the skin’s texture and appearance.

A chemical peel offers a more youthful visage.

Used in a professional and controlled environment, a chemical peel is effective in reducing or removing specific signs of aging. This treatment works especially well on surface wrinkles, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, brown spots and blotchiness.

Our goal is to help you achieve your peak health, inside and out!

How does a chemical peel work?

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve the skin’s appearance. The solution used can vary in strength depending upon your needs. In most cases, a chemical peel is used on the face but can also be done on the neck, back, shoulders and chest areas.

Upon conducting a detailed skin evaluation and skin imaging test, your skin care therapist will discuss with you which option will best meet your skincare needs and goals.

What are some chemical peels?

Alphahydroxy acid (AHA or Glycolic Peel): Glycolic, lactic or fruit acids are naturally occurring acids found in fruits and other foods and are considered a LIGHT surface level chemical peel. AHA peels are generally used for patients with mild to moderate acne scarring, fine wrinkling, blemishes or rough dry skin.

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA Peel): TCA is considered a MEDIUM depth chemical peel. A TCA peel is generally used for patients with moderate to significant wrinkles, acne scarring or skin pigmentation problems.

Jessner's Peel: A Jessner's Peel is a combination of salicylic Acid, lactic Acid and resorcinol, which dissolves the top layer of the dead skin. It provides a smoother, softer appearance to the skin while reducing follicle blockage, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps smooth rough texture and prevent acne breakouts.

Collagen promoting and free radical protection peels: These peels have a combination of antioxidants, retinols and other natural ingredients to improve skin texture and dryness, to promote collagen production and reduce free redical damage.

What do treatments feel like?

Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin and the strength of your peel, you may experience a mild burning sensation and redness or mild swelling. All side effects generally subside within one to two days.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, one to three treatments are sufficient to see dramatic results. Additional treatments may be required for excessively damaged skin.

When will I see results?

Your skin will then begin to renew immediately after treatment, but it will take some time before you see the true results. Many patients see significant improvement within just a week, while other patients take longer, seeing full results in two to three weeks of treatment. Your complexion will be clearer and younger looking.

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