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Customized Care Plans

Welcome to a new era in personalized healthcare!

At CENIGENT, our only focus is your health and well being. With our unique service delivery methods, you receive world class health services that are personal, customized and 100% focused on you.

CENIGENT caters to patients who are accustomed to the best and who are serious about restoring and maintaining peak health and vitality.

We believe that quality healthcare begins with comprehensiveness and education. Ample time is required at every level, from initial assessment to recommendations and customized therapeutic programs. From fine-tuning your progress to coaching and helping you enjoy your commitment to making lifestyle modifications, we pledge to provide each client with appropriate services, support, guidance and coaching – working in partnership with you to restore balance and optimal health.

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Many other programs and services are one-shot deals, after which you are left to fend for yourself. At CENIGENT, we believe in a personal, collaborative and focused relationship between you and your doctor.

Let us focus on your health so you can focus on your life.

We focus on your health by offering CENIGENT Enhancement Programs that are a full year long – ample time for us to get to know you, customize therapies and treatments that are right for you, and work with you to modify lifestyle choices. The result is gradual yet noticeable restoration to peak health and vitality so you can focus on your life.

Your days of taking a number are over.

Lasting results from personalized one-on-one care.

In many conventional medical clinics and practices, a doctor takes on as many patients as possible, some seeing as many as six patients each hour. Personal care is near to impossible when a doctor is seeing 2000 to 4000 patients a year! The CENIGENT approach is different – you will work one-on-one with your personal doctor for a full 52 weeks. None of our doctors take on more than 70 patients a year. Depending upon which CENIGENT Program you choose, you will even have privileged, direct cell phone access to your personal doctor.

Each time you visit CENIGENT, your appointments will last one to three hours, you will never be asked to wait and you will never be rushed through your appointment. Our priority is you – and our commitment is to treat each appointment with focus, concern and genuine interest in your health and progress. As appropriate, your doctor will fine tune your program, order tests, make periodic corrections and provide you with education to ensure you achieve both short and long term goals.

How can you start restoring peak health with CENIGENT?

  1. It begins with the most comprehensive and complete health assessment and executive physical examination you’ve ever experienced, which can take from 3 to 6 hours.

  2. Your personal doctor utilizes the most advanced medical and genetic testing, including testing of more than 750 cellular biomarkers, complete predictive lab tests, head-to-toe imaging & diagnostic tests and research to identify your unique health risks and create your customized personal plan for peak health.

  3. You and your personal doctor will discuss the recommended therapies & services and your CENIGENT doctor will carefully explain how these services will effectively optimize your CENIGENT systems to restore your body to peak health and vitality. You are also encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to – your peace of mind is very important to the CENIGENT team.

  4. Aside from your chosen therapies, you will also have many follow-up visits during your 52 weeks to monitor, fine-tune, further assess and schedule follow-up testing. Education and personal coaching are ongoing during your CENIGENT Program to make certain your lifestyle habits are being effectively changed to achieve peak health.
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