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Hormonal Therapies Santa Monica

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Therapies & Services

Hormonal Therapies Santa Monica

State of the art therapies for all of your 8 vital systems

Following your comprehensive health assessment, executive physical examination, head-to-toe screening diagnostics and full range of tests (including up to 750 cellular biomarkers and hundreds of genetic SNPs), your doctor will develop your personalized action plan. This 52-week health plan includes recommendations for appropriate therapies to restore optimal health to each of your 8 vital CENIGENT systems.

No Stone Unturned – During your one to three hour visit with your personal CENIGENT doctor, all therapies and treatments will be explained in full detail, and every question you have will be answered with meticulous care. At CENIGENT, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and wellness. No two people are alike, and each of our patients receives a customized and unique Personal Plan for Peak Health.

The therapies below might be among the ones your doctor recommends for you:


Cell Mitochondrial & Metabolic Enhancement Therapies

  • Optimizing antioxidant levels and minimizing free-radical damage to the mitochondria, nuclear DNA and cell membrane.
  • Enhancing shuttling to the mitochondria and improving oxidative phosporylation and/or bypassing the denovo synthesis of ATP.
  • Nutrigenomics via specific targeted nutritional supplements that have clinically shown improvement.
  • Preventing protein glycation and advance glycation end-products.
  • IV administration of specific amino-acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and cofactors that have cell-mitochondrial enhancing effect.


Endocrine (Hormonal) System Restoration Therapies

Total hormonal restoration therapy via bio-identical hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) are customized based on your hormone levels and hormone breakdown levels, as well as your unique genetic-SNP testing to identify individual risk factors on how hormones are broken down and other adverse health risk factors which will allow for a very customized and safe hormone-restorative therapy.


Nervous System Enhancing Therapies

  • Targeted Amino Acid therapies restoring select neurotransmitters
  • Other cognitive enhancement modalities: targeted drugs, proteins, and supplements
  • Enhancing Parasympathic and Sympathetic System measures
  • IV administration of specific amino-acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, cofactors that have a nervous system enhancing effect


Immune Enhancement Therapies

  • Optimizing Gastro-Intestinal health via eliminating food allergies, minimizing inflammation, promoting healthy digestion via enzymes, restoring optimal GI flora via specific probiotic, a proper dietary program and nutritional factors
  • Minimizing cellular inflammation with an appropriate nutritional program
  • Assessing for adverse environmental exposures, checking for heavy metal exposures and treating for abnormal levels
  • Treating chronic bacterial infections
  • Identifying and treating chronic bacterial infections
  • Minimizing inflammation at a cell and genetic level via targeted nutritional supplements and other CENIGENT enhancing measures
  • Reducing cellular inflammation via acupuncture/massage
  • IV administration of specific amino-acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, cofactors that have an immune enhancing effect


Genetic System

At CENIGENT, we customize all therapies based on SNPs and your unique genetic risk factors.


Epigenetic Enhancement

  • Therapies to optimize the mechanisms by which your genes are turned on/off.
  • Checking for adverse environmental hazards and toxins that have a negative impact on gene expression.
  • Treatment for heavy metal exposure or chronic infections.
  • Optimization of DNA Methylation and Deacetylation via targeted nutritional factors.



Your doctor will personally examine specific SNPs and customize your nutritional plan to bypass certain adverse SNPs, as well as recommend a peak health dietary program to maintain optimal weight.


Thought-Perception System Optimization

Identifying and eliminating unique stressors, chronic stress reduction, and unfavorable lifestyle habits and behaviors via behavioral modification, Thought Field Therapy® (TFT), biofeedback and neuro-feedback.


CENIGENT Therapies and Services

To restore your peak health and support optimal functioning to the 8 CENIGENT systems, the following are some of the effective therapies and services which may be recommended:

Peptides, amino-acids, vitamins, antioxidants, cofactors and mineral therapies administered via IV for specific conditions as well as to restore health to the 8 CENIGENT systems
Heavy metal removal therapies
Safe, total bio-identical hormone replacement therapies for men and women
Customized nutritional programs and optimal weight management
Targeted amino-acid therapy (TAAT)
Targeted nutritional supplements and nutrigenomics  to restore health to the 8 CENIGENT systems
Food allergy toxin testing and elimination therapies and rotational diets
Anodyne ® therapy for neuropathies, poor circulation, arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries
Inhalation Therapies
Specific Pharmacological drugs used as necessary; Pharmacogenomics where applicable
Gastrointestinal optimization therapies
Cardiovascular Optimization therapies
Pharmacologic Drugs used sparingly and pharmacogenomics
Chronic stress reduction modalities
Thought Field Therapy®  (TFT)- a non-drug therapy to eliminate depression, anxiety, trauma and a variety of psychological disturbance as well as to increase heart rate variability
Acupuncture to reduce cellular inflammation
Extensive patient education, DVD instruction and workbooks to promote behavioral changes and peak health
Exercise training

How can CENIGENT help you?

To find out more about any of our therapies, we invite you to call our office directly or Ask Dr. Ghaderi your question online.

To understand the tremendous value built into each customized CENIGENT Enhancement Personal Program, please review our Fees and Package Pricing.

Isn’t It Your Time to Age Less and Live More?

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