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Personal Plan For Peak Health

Your Customized 52-Week Personal Program for Peak Health and Vitality

Armed with your test results and findings from your comprehensive health assessment, executive physical examination, lab reports, imaging tests, screening diagnostics results and independent research, your CENIGENT doctor will create a unique, customized action plan for you; marking the start of your restorative program to peak health.

Your unique plan includes steps and recommended therapies, designed to restore and optimize your 8 vital CENIGENT systems which will correct, improve, predict and prevent chronic disease, so you can “age less, and live more”.

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Your Peak Performance Plan
Individually designed and developed
Addresses your unique health status, genetic and epigenetic make up…
There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ at CENIGENT!

Your Customized Plan may include the following recommendations and therapies:

Take Comfort in a Personal Relationship with Your CENIGENT Doctor

At CENIGENT, your personal doctor will never give you the plan and send you on your way! Your Peak Performance Plan for Health includes regularly scheduled appointments for additional assessments, a guarantee of 15 to 28 hours of one on one time with your personal doctor, benchmark measurements and revisions to your personal plan as required, ongoing education and recommendations for a full 52 weeks.

Aging Well is a Choice… and It’s Yours To Make Right Now

You can explore whether the CENIGENT Enhancement Program is right for you immediately by requesting or downloading “Age Less. Live More. The Get Started Guide to Restoring and Enjoying Peak Health” free of charge.

Have a question now? Ask Dr. Lida Ghaderi, Founder and Medical Director of CENIGENT a question online or for a comprehensive list of CENIGENT services, click here to view Therapies and Services.

If you would like to explore the CENIGENT Enhancement Program further, and discuss your individual needs with a physician, please introduce yourself via our online questionnaire. We will contact you to schedule a no obligation, complimentary consultation with Dr. Ghaderi in her office.

If you prefer, please, call our office (310-998-8600). It would be our pleasure to complete the questionnaire with you over the phone.

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