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Our Testing

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The CENIGENT approach goes far beyond blood tests and perfunctory check ups.

To start, you will receive a thorough 3 to 6 hour initial consultation, which includes a comprehensive health assessment and executive physical examination. Beyond the initial visit, you will have the luxury of many ongoing visits with your doctor in an upscale and relaxed setting. Your CENIGENT physician will ensure that every aspect of your health and wellness is examined, and will uncover the slightest of anomalies. Our comprehensive testing methods allow the prediction of disease well in advance of its emergence and the onset of symptoms. Comprehensive testing with CENIGENT includes:

Traditional Basic Tests:
- Complete Blood Count/ Cholesterol Panel/ Complete Metabolic Panel/ Urinalysis/ TSH, PSA)

Advanced CENIGENT Tests:

- Comprehensive genetic testing
- SNPs
- Markers of DNA damage
- Cardiovascular & lipid markers
- Cancer & tumor markers
- Serum Hormone levels
- Hormone binding proteins
- Hormone breakdown metabolites
- Oxidative stress markers
- Gastrointestinal markers
- Glycation and mitochondrial markers
- Cell detoxification evaluation
- Toxic heavy metal testing
-Toxic environmental exposure testing
- Neurotransmitter metabolites
- Neuro-degenerative disease evaluation
- Markers of chronic cellular inflammation
- Comprehensive immune markers
- Antioxidants levels and vitamin status
- Food sensitivity testing
- Chronic stress level screening
- Nutritional & weight evaluation
- Assessing modifiable risk factors

Whole-Body Advanced Imaging Tests
Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Tests

Coronary CT Angiography
Coronary Calcification Score
**CT- Cardiac Adenosin Stress Test
**CT- Unstable Plaque Assessment
**Advanced Cardiac MR & MRA
**MRI Endothelial Dysfunction Test
**Total Body MRA – all arteries
**Total Body MRV – all veins
Carotid Artery Ultrasound – IMT
Bone Densitometry
Cancer Screening
MRI Mammography
Breast Ultrasound
MRI Prostate Imaging
CT- Lung Cancer Screening
**MRI Total Body Tumor Screening
**MRI Liver Dynamics Studies Cancer
**MRI Colonagraphy

** Denotes imaging tests available exclusively to CENIGENT patients.

MRI imaging tests are highly safe and radiation-free.

Systems Approach
- Comprehensive health assessments and personalized recommendations based on the C.E.N.I.G.E.N.T System and updated medical knowledge and advancements.

Advanced & Exclusive Testing
CENIGENT, in partnership with UCLA, is the first in the United States to offer predictive MRI based total body imaging and other advanced imaging diagnostic tests.

Concierge Benefits
- Same day appointments
- Flexible office hours
- Unrushed office visits lasting 1 to 3 hours
- 24/7 access to physician’s cell for emergencies
- Being escorted to testing sites
- Healthy beverage during visits

Comprehensive, personalized assessment & testing means
precise, preventive and predictive health care for you

Your doctor will not rest until your testing is complete and comprehensive. You doctor will study the results and conduct research on your behalf, which includes studying genetics and hormones that are unique to you. Depending upon your health and lifestyle, your personalized assessment may also include other diagnostic testing and screening such as cardiovascular imaging, bone densitometry, PET scan, mammogram, EBT scan and others. It is not uncommon for a CENIGENT doctor to recommend and order additional testing or conduct research on your behalf to ensure your CENIGENT Program is perfectly suited to your needs, and will promote your peak health and vitality.

Based on your individual results and unique risks, your doctor will develop a comprehensive and customized plan of action.


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