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Q. What is ONE thing you can do to IMPROVE all these health issues?
  • Energy
  • Memory & Mood
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Resistance to Illness
  • Skin & Nail
  • Bone & Joint Health
  • Heart, Immune & Digestive Health
  • Libido & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Menopause & Male Menopause
  • Poor Sleep
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Weight
  • Exercise Capacity
  • Stress Handling
A. Optimize your hormones!
Our year-long CENIGENT MedRestore-E® (neuro-hormone) and MedRestore-NE® (hormone) Programs combine the world’s first "systems and genetic-based" medical approach only offered at CENIGENT, plus our advanced testing menu and extensive research into your personal genetics and health to recommend safe and effective personalized therapies including bioidentical hormones, neurotransmitter balancing, nutrigenomics (nutritional supplements based on genetics) and others.

Our neuro-hormone and hormone replacement programs are the safest and the most advanced in the world, designed to restore optimal health, resolve symptoms of andropause (male menopause), enhance peak performance, reverse age-related health decline and promote healthy aging.

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Hormone Balance Los Angeles

All hormone replacement therapies are not created equal. Just because a treatment is advertised as “bio-identical” doesn’t mean it’s what your body needs – not until your unique genetics are fully understood.

Most treatment centers test a limited set of hormones in your blood or saliva, and typically replace only a few hormones. This is not enough to generate the right prescription of bio-identical hormones, and the wrong regimen can be unsafe.

To ensure safe bio-identical hormone replacement recommendations, it is imperative to have a physician who understands your genetics and who can design a treatment plan for your body.

At CENIGENT, we utilize personalized genetic testing and conduct a thorough genetic investigation of cancer susceptibility and other health risks, and evaluate how your unique genetics impact your hormone breakdown before recommending a custom hormone therapy regimen.

This allows your hormone program to be safe & personalized to YOUR BODY to maximize your health.


3 X More Hormone Testing Than Others
  • Improved Health Results
Check Hormone Binding Proteins
  • Higher Safety
Hormone-Related Genetic Testing
  • Lower Cancer Risk
  • Improve Future Immune, Cardiovascular and Bone Health
Full Body MRI Tumor Imaging
(Created by UCLA Exclusive to CENIGENT)
  • Higher Safety
  • Radiation Free & High Safety
  • Detect Early Signs of Cancers
  • Not Available Elsewhere
10 X More Tumor Marker Testing Than Others
  • Higher Safety
Checking for Two Types of Estrogen in Men
  • Protect the Prostate
  • Better Libido & Sexual Function
  • Minimize Dementia
Check Estrogen Breakdown Products in Women
  • Protect Against Breast Cancer
Additional Biomarker Testing
  • Improve Immune & Cardiovascular Health
  • Identify Risk for Diabetes, Stroke, Anemia & Others
Neurotransmitter (Brain Chemistry) Testing
  • Improve Mood, Memory, Anxiety & Depression
  • Improve Stress Handling
  • Favorable Hormonal Support
Personalized Research & Therapies - Based on Genetics
  • Higher Safety
  • Achieve Optimal Health
  • Minimal Side Effects
Nutrigenomics – Custom-formulated Supplement Powder Based on Individual Genetics & Health
  • Favorable Hormone Support
  • Brain-chemistry Balancing
  • Superior Results
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Ample Time with Your Physician
  • Unrushed Visits
  • Convenience


Step 1: Predict
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Cutting-edge & Exclusive Testing (In Partnership with UCLA)
Step 2: Personalize
  • Extensive research & review of your testing and genetics
    to create a safe and program
  • Ongoing monitoring & Concierge Benefits
Step 3: Prevent
  • Personalized nutritional plan and other recommendations
    based on your health risks
Step 4: Treat
  • Custom formulated nutritional supplementation and prescriptions
    based on your genetics to support your hormone program and minimize
    your health risks
Step 5: Restore
  • Personalized, safe, neuro-hormone restoration program based on
    your genetics
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