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Book Recommendations

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Los Angeles

When you are In the Know – You Know What to Do

When you understand your Body – You Can Take the Steps to Achieve Peak Health

CENIGENT and its Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Lida Ghaderi, believe that knowledge is power. When you understand those elements and influences which ultimately that affect your overall health and peak vitality, you can choose the path to age less and live more.

Periodically, Dr. Ghaderi and the CENIGENT team will post book recommendations that may be of interest to you.

Book recommendations are posted on this page for your reference. This area is still under development. Please take a moment and bookmark CENIGENT now.

One publication you should take the time to read is

Age Less. Live More. The Get Started Guide to Restoring and Enjoying Peak Health” available free of charge, either by instant download by clicking on the title above or call our office and request a copy by mail.

If you have an immediate question about a condition, lifestyle, or health concern, please take a moment to “Ask Dr. Ghaderi” a question! Dr. Ghaderi looks forward to receiving your question and responding to you personally.

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