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Dr. Ghaderi's Letter to You

As a physician I have been exceedingly passionate about medicine and science from a very, very young age. However, as my understanding of science and medicine grew, I became equally drawn and devoted to help and serve my precious patients achieve the freedom and possibilities that peak health and vitality offers. Fortunately, my fervor required both elements to be present in whole and equal parts to provide me with my own deep personal satisfaction.

As a practicing physician for more than a decade, and while I was strongly motivated to treat disease and rid my patients of their suffering, health concerns, and impediments and to have each one enjoy their peak health and vigor, I became quite disenchanted with our prevailing medical system and medical approaches.



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Lida Ghaderi, M.D., Founder and Medical Director

As “dissatisfaction” seems to act as a powerful impetus, I was strongly motivated to look deeper into the following issues:
  1. Does our leading-edge medical science have better and more viable solutions towards disease and health?
  1. How well in advance can we predict disease?
  1. Why do we age and can we effectively change the aging process?
  1. What exactly is peak health, what does it look and feel like? Can we measure it? What is required to experience peak health as we age?
  1. Are the current methods and approaches in practicing medicine truly effective in providing successful solutions to the original problem set that each unique patient provides his or her physician?
  1. Is there a difference in outcome if a physician’s goal is to “just treat the disease(s)” versus the goal to bring forth “peak health”?

My pragmatic answers to each of these questions began a fascinating and unique 5-year journey that culminated in the creation of the landmark CENIGENT Enhancement Peak Health & Vitality Program and the CENIGENT Enhancement approach to health and disease.

While keeping abreast of advancements in medical science, I began my meticulous independent research and studies into a variety of cutting edge scientific disciplines including genetics, epigenetics, nutritional genomics, functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, mitochondrial biology, free-radical biology and many more amazing fields that end in “ology.”

While I continued to practice medicine, I also began purposefully studying complex systems (biological and social system), alternative methods of achieving health practiced in different cultures that seemed to have created positive results - strictly to understand the scientific explanation behind the methodology and much more.

I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with the results! 21st century science and medicine is exceptional and exciting - better prediction capabilities and better solutions are certainly a reality.

Would you agree that mostly we seek to understand “anything” (a person, spouse, our children, an object, animal, physical phenomena, or even ourselves) simply because we would like to be able to predict how “IT” will or will not behave now and in the future?

It appears that the ability for correct Future Prediction is one of the core reasons and the forceful drive behind why we seek to “understand and discover.”

To fully understand and predict any “organized system” in depth, I believe we need to understand the M & Ms and the CCs of the System:

  • Mechanisms & Measurements
  • Causality & Classification

Mechanisms: Organized systems are truly magnificent when they are at their peak and working harmoniously with successful error correction capabilities. Whether that be a family unit, a fulfilling intimate relationship, a classroom, an organization, a society, a computer operating system, an ant colony, a cell, an atom, a galaxy or the magnificent, elegant and highly complex human body-mind system. 

Any system that survives or thrives has done so as a result of the correctness or the health of its governing rules, and how well the members or the parts of the complex-system follow these rules. The fundamental rules that govern the infrastructure of a system are essential to understand and predict the system. A relatively easy place to evidence this is our family unit or family system. For any system we can ask some simple questions such as: What is the goal of the system, if any? What core rules does it play by? How does it correct, when there is an error? Does the system know it has errors when faced with challenges? How does it behave and what sort of signals does it release, when it’s faced with chaos, danger, and problems? Who are the weaker links of the system? and much more… 

Remember, a system is ONLY AS STRONG as its weakest link.

Measurements: Webster defines “to Measure” as to choose or control with cautious restraint. Essentially measurement is indispensable to predict a system. In order to understand a system’s mechanisms and governing rules we need to have strong and accurate ways of measurement. Accurate measurement allows us to not only understand mechanisms but to predict the behavior of the parts as well as the system as a whole. Great measurement tools allow us to see how the parts and the system as a whole behave towards any change or intervention.

Classification: Have you given much thought to why we classify anything? 

In our civilization, man has classified much of all that exists based on differences and similarities. Essentially the more we understand fundamental rules and mechanisms, the more accurate and reasonable our classification systems have become. We can predict how the system will behave with more precision if we have a solid and correct classification system. 

Causality or the relationship of a cause with its effect is essential to understand how each part within a system or a change impacts the system as a whole; what causes the system to produce errors and so forth. The more accurate we understand governing rules and the better our classification systems and measurement tools that we have, the more precise our understanding of causality will be.

If we want to predict our weakest links and our future disease risks, and of course to ensure that we achieve peak health, our M & Ms and CCs must be correct and precise. That is what 21st century medicine provides.

With 21st century medical science, our understanding pertaining to the M & Ms and the 2 Cs of the “human body system” has changed significantly. We understand the governing rules of why we age and what causes chronic diseases much better. We have improved measurement tools that are more precise. We can classify the fundamental causes and governing rules that define the infrastructure of our health much better.

The CENIGENT Enhancement Program is the culmination of our more refined understanding of the M & Ms and the CCs of our biology and the vital systems that govern the infrastructure of our health. For example, in medicine we conventionally would take a group of symptoms and define a disease in its related organ such as cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, and cancer to name just a few. Our latest scientific and medical understanding suggests that most chronic diseases have more in common and are significantly more closely interrelated then we previously thought. In fact, the root cause of these chronic diseases and health decline lie in our 8 vital systems - C.E.N.I.G.E.N.T Systems.

Entering the 21st century together is enormously exciting.  As we probe deeper into how and why…

With the rapid advancement in genetics and the human genome project, molecular and cell biology, cell signaling and more precise measurement tools, imaging and testing technology, a better understanding of chronic stress, human behavior, motivation and learning, we have entered into a very different and promising era of Medicine - unequivocally translating to the opportunity of better health and longevity for each of us.

Our understanding of health, aging and why chronic diseases emerge are shifting towards understanding the more fundamental laws that can predict our biology much better and with more accuracy. 

The CENIGENT Program is highly effective as it is rooted on the 2Ms and 2Cs as well as continuously striving to provide effective and leading edge solutions for each of our patients. It is a testament to my personal passion, and a true commitment to each patient to offer the most effective solutions and to help each patient develop better choices that would allow their magnificent “system” to operate at its peak. 

I have found quick-fix solutions to be temporary, and to preclude health optimization at a core level. Restoring and optimizing health will require detailed assessments, testing, customization, fine tuning, and plenty of research on my part to craft each one of my patient’s personalized program. Although customized medicine, based on each person’s subtle genetic variations (SNPs), is at its infancy, it is possible to create customized recommendations that are unique and beneficial to each individual.

Each patient’s commitment is essential to make a series of changes and modifications in his or her choices that would be beneficial and preserving of their health. I pledge to match each one of my patient’s commitment and dedication every step of the way.

I have structured CENIGENT, such that each member of our first-class medical team is dedicated to each of our patients, to facilitate their peak health, to assist each in making new choices, to address any concern that a patient may have. 

I have eliminated what I thought was clearly not working in the healthcare delivery system. I spend time with patients because it is the only way I can assess in detail and help facilitate healthy choices in my patients, as well as to educate each patient to become proactive towards their health.

The process of “Changing a Choice” whether that be a “thought” or a “behavior” that is unfavorable and detrimental is an exciting and empowering process. Our system is quite flexible and habitual allowing success for new changes and novel behavioral choices. That initial resistance which we may experience as a voice that says “this is difficult, I cannot do it,” or “I am not going to give up this or that,” is natural. It is built into the habit. I will motivate each of my patients. I will allow each patient to see the necessity of changing. If we have enough reasons to change, the change is effortless.

I am excited and passionate for the privilege and opportunity to serve my patients, and I am absolutely dedicated to their peak health, their experience of vitality, and the abundant opportunities and freedom that it shall make possible and all that I have learned and will learn from each one of my very precious patients.

To your peak health,

Lida Ghaderi MD

Lida Ghaderi MD
Founder & Medical Director


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