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Meet CENIGENT’s Founder & Medical Director
Lida Ghaderi, M.D.

Lida Ghaderi M.D. founded CENIGENT Health Enhancement Medical Institute to practice the highest quality and effective medicine by being able to spend ample time with each patient and to create personalized medical programs and therapies for each one. Her focus is to address and optimize each causal parameter of health decline, allowing optimal health, wellness, vitality and joy to emerge for each patient.

Dr. Ghaderi is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of California, Irvine, where she received a bachelor’s degree in biological science with an emphasis on psychology. She earned her medical doctorate from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine in 1995. Following her post-doctoral training that included an internship and residency in internal medicine, Dr. Ghaderi received her board certification in internal medicine and was appointed a diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1998.

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Meet Lida Ghaderi, M.D., Founder and Medical Director
"Dr. Ghaderi's Letter to You"



“Dr. Ghaderi is a dedicated and respected clinician, who brings a great enthusiasm and sincere caring to her patients and their families. She always went above and beyond expectations to provide the highest quality patient care, and in one instance, was responsible for the diagnosis of a rare infectious disease in a young man that was missed by an entire team of experienced and seasoned clinicians. I have great respect for Dr. Ghaderi, and can recommend her without reservation. She is a great doctor and colleague.”

Alexander Strachan, Jr., M.D.
Medical Director, Hospitalist Program,
Eisenhower Medical Center


Throughout her academic career she has consistently demonstrated distinction. Dr. Ghaderi immigrated to the United States in 1983 and shortly thereafter became the valedictorian of her high school. She has received numerous awards for her academic achievements and clinical distinctions, as well.

Dr. Ghaderi’s broad research experience includes the fields of neurological science, cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders and physical chemistry (picoseconds laser spectroscopy). She has worked under the guidance of several renowned researchers, including Dr. Peter Rentzepis, a Nobel Prize nominee.

While having a very solid and strong foundation in conventional medicine, and having practiced medicine in a variety of settings (hospital, outpatient, HMO and urgent care centers) for a decade, Dr. Ghaderi kept abreast of cutting-edge advancements in various fields of biology and medicine. She became interested in a “systems” approach to predict, prevent and treat age-related health decline and chronic diseases. Her interest expanded to include customized genetic-based medicine and therapeutics by utilizing single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) testing to assess individual risk factor and to personalize therapies, ensuring better results and safety profile.

Since 2002 she has received extensive training and conducted ample independent research in a variety of leading-edge medical disciplines including age-management medicine, functional medicine, genomics-epigenomics and nutritional genomics, SNP studies, mitochondrial biology and cytopathy, free radical biology and medicine, strictly science-based complementary alternative therapies, and chronic stress reduction modalities.

She complemented her training by working with several noted pioneers in each field. She has directly worked with Dr. E. Chen, one of the foremost pioneers of total hormone restorative therapies. She obtained her certification in Thought Field Therapy under Dr. Roger Callahan’s personal instructions. She found great success in patient outcomes with her new and complete methodologies.

Dr. Ghaderi was a physician at the internationally renowned Whitaker Center, and served as the youngest-ever medical director of La Vida Medical Group, a large multi-specialty medical center in Los Angeles. While at La Vida, she created preventive protocols for the medical center and was recognized for her clinical excellence and innovation.

Dr. Ghaderi is a member of the American Medical Association, American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, the Epigenetic Society, the American Society of Human Genetics, the Hormone Foundation, the Endocrine Society, Institute of Functional Medicine, the Society for Free Radical Biology, The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

She lives in West Los Angeles and enjoys nature, kayaking, running, skiing, swimming and yoga. She loves reading and learning a diverse range of topics including biological science, quantum physics, psychology and philosophy. Dr. Ghaderi takes pleasure in painting, sculpting and writing and is currently working on a new book which is to be released in 2010.

Aging well is a choice, and it's yours to make!

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