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Bioidentical Hormone Los Angeles

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The Endocrine System

Memory Vision
Mood Energy Level
Skin Tone Libido
Exercise Capacity Restless Sleep
Cognitive Function Cardiovascular Health
Muscle Mass Weight Management
Bone & Joint Health Resistance to Illness

Unique communication through the blood stream

The endocrine system is made up of more than eleven major hormone secreting glands that provide information and cellular instructions by releasing chemical messengers called hormones through the bloodstream to act on a variety of cells through specific receptors on or in the cell. These receptors and the corresponding hormones are similar to a lock and key.

The endocrine system influences almost every cell and organ in your body. The endocrine system and its hormones also have a direct impact on each arm of the eight CENIGENT systems.

The endocrine system is instrumental in regulating your mood, motivation, memory, energy and libido. It keeps your skin vibrant and youthful, your weight optimal and your blood calcium, fluid and sodium in balance. It regulates your development, cellular metabolism, mitochondrial function, immune health, nervous system integrity, brain function and genetic expressions, as well as all aspects of your sexual function and reproductive processes.

Bioidentical Los Angeles

Good News For Women

Unlock A Healthier You

Your endocrine system can help you process and convert sugar, feel satisfied after a meal, warn you of stress or danger or allow you to remain calm and solution oriented in the face of challenges. The relationship between the endocrine glands demands that they work in harmony and that hormone levels stay within specific ranges to maintain system integration and optimal functioning. If hormone levels go above or below a certain level, the chemical messenger’s instruction can be dramatically altered, or it may fail to send a signal at all.

As we age, most hormones and receptors naturally decline, as do the other CENIGENT systems. If the other CENIGENT systems are not operating at optimal levels, this too can lower hormones. Additionally, there are external factors that can stimulate or inhibit hormonal secretions to abnormal, problem causing levels such as poor nutrition, chronic stress and toxic environmental exposures.

Unlike many other hormone replacement centers, we not recommend hormone optimization until we’ve completed an intensive, comprehensive evaluation and screening diagnostics, including checking for certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in your genetic coding. Genetic SNP profiling provides us with unique information on how your hormones are broken down by your body, your body’s intolerance to its own hormones and what other risk factors you may have.

The Good News For Women!

Bioidentical Hormones Los Angeles

For women entering menopause, there is good news and plenty of research to smile about. Much of the concern regarding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) surrounds the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study conducted by the National Institute of Health several years ago. Women in the study who were taking estrogen plus progestin pills were told to stop taking them because the risks appeared to exceed the benefits.

Now, we have overwhelming evidence to suggest why: a woman’s cells recognizes and responds to the various forms of estrogens and progestins differently.

Each of these variables can have dramatic impact on a woman’s response to estrogen and progesterone therapy:

Hormone Replacement Beverly Hills
  • The dose
  • How it is administered (pill, cream or gel)
  • Pattern (cyclical versus continuous)
  • Timing (how long a woman has been menopausal before initiating HRT)
  • Health status during hormone treatment
  • Genetic background

Few, if any, of these variables were considered in the WHI study, for which all women receiving a ‘one dose fits all’ hormone regimen. The estrogen hormone used in study, called Premarin, was derived from pregnant horse urine, and the progesterone equivalent was a synthetic compound called medroxyprogesterone or Provera. Both hormones used in the WHI study are not identical to the human body’s hormones.

This is why at CENIGENT, if and when we recommend optimizing a woman’s hormones, we only prescribe bio-identical hormones that mirror the chemical and molecular structure of your natural hormones.

Consider this example, published in the highly reputable journal Science, of how Premarin, a hormone obtained from a pregnant horse’s urine and commonly prescribed to women for symptoms of menopause, can increase the risk of a variety of diseases by changing adverse liver proteins.

However, the bio-identical form of estrogen applied to the skin as a cream or gel did not change these liver proteins in any way!


Liver Proteins

Bioidentical Estrogen (administered transdermally via cream or a gel)

Premarin (obtained from pregnant horse urine; administered via oral tablets)

Potential Negative Effect

Angiotensin precursor

No change


Leading to high blood pressure

C-reactive protein

No change


Risk for heart attack and stroke

GH-induced IGF-1

No change


Reducing your lean body mass leading to obesity

Serum binding proteins

No change


Lower your available hormones

Activated protein C

No change


Increase risk of blood clots

Your hormones are completely unique… and must be treated that way

Some hormone breakdown products, which can be detected in the urine, can also lead to negative side effects and disease.

For example estrogen, a hormone that both men and women have, is eventually broken down to different compounds to be disposed of. Estrogen can be broken down into the following:

  • 6-hydroxy estrone (6 OH estrone)
  • 4-hydroxy estrone (4 OH estrone)
  • 2 hydroxy estrone (2 OH estrone)

6 OH estrone and 4 OH estrone are both toxic to your genes and can lead to cancer, whereas 2 OH Estrone is quite beneficial for the body and is thought to prevent some forms of cancer.

Identifying these unique pathways, which is different for each individual and based on a person’s unique genetic SNPs, can allow for a safer hormone optimization and restorative measures.

In addition to the six factors above which impact a woman’s response to hormones, her own unique genetics can dramatically impact how she will tolerate hormone replacement. (See The CENIGENT Genetics System, for an example of how important genetic testing and customized research is in the case of estrogen. It is this personal, precise and advanced level of research that sets CENIGENT apart.)

How will YOU weather the INEVITABLE hormonal storm?

There is promising news about safe & effective hormone optimization:

Bioidenticals Beverly Hills

Your hormone levels can be safely and effectively modulated and restored to an optimal range.

The CENIGENT hormone evaluation goes beyond mere blood tests. We also test the saliva and urine to evaluate how hormones are being broken down and into what compounds by measuring hormone breakdown metabolites in the urine. This advanced, complete testing - including genetics - enables your personal CENIGENT doctor to create a safer and more effective total hormone replacement program for you. If your doctor identifies diminished or abnormal hormone levels, hormone breakdown metabolites and a favorable genetic profile, we will recommend very conservative and safe hormone optimization using custom compounded, bio-identical hormones.

Supported by scientific research and clinical studies, CENIGENT is a firm believer that bio-identical hormones, which mirror the chemical and molecular structure of your natural hormones, are the safest and most effective, but ONLY after initial genetic testing. Selecting the right method of hormone delivery, complemented by frequent monitoring and re-testing, supports safe, effective hormone restoration.


You can also learn more about the CENIGENT Enhancement Program by downloading “Age Less. Live More. The Get Started Guide to Restoring and Enjoying Peak Health” right now.

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