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What Makes CENIGENT Different

CENIGENT caters to those who are accustomed to the very best and serious about restoring and maintaining peak health and vitality.

We believe that quality healthcare begins with comprehensiveness and education. From initial assessment and customized therapeutic programs to fine tuning your progress and coaching to help you enjoy your lifestyle modifications, we pledge to provide each client with appropriate services, support and guidance – working in close partnership with YOU to restore vitality and optimal health.

Experience heathcare that goes beyond your expectations.



What You're Accustomed To

The CENIGENT Approach

GENERAL PHILOSOPHY Aging and age-related chronic diseases inevitably occur and should be accepted.
Symptoms should be treated as they appear, typically with pharmacological doses of medication and/or surgical intervention.
Aging, age-related chronic diseases and health decline occur due to functional deterioration of the 8 CENIGENT systems. By proactively restoring optimal functioning to all 8 systems, we can delay typical symptoms while enabling healthy aging and peak health – using non-surgical, safe, restorative therapies.
MAJOR GOAL Treat and temporize existing disease(s). Prevent disease and restore health by optimizing the primary systems that lead to a variety of chronic diseases.
MAJOR APPROACH Symptoms-based: Treat symptoms and disease as they emerge. Systems-based: Predictive testing and assessments followed by restorative measures to optimize the major systems in order to prevent age-related health decline and achieve peak health.
TESTING & DIAGNOSTICS Order lab and diagnostic tests once there are symptoms and disease present. Infrequent preventive tests. Comprehensive predictive and preventive testing of more than 750 biomarkers; screening and total body imaging diagnostics to assess all aspects of existing and potential health decline; ample follow-up testing to allow for fine-tuning.
USE OF GENOMICS Infrequent - limited mainly to staging cancers, checking for fetal abnormalities, paternity testing or rare genetic diseases. Use genomic testing and SNPs to personalize each therapy program, allowing for safe hormone replacement therapies and creating a nutrigenomic plan.
CUSTOMIZED THERAPY Mainly uses pharmacological doses of drugs and invasive surgical options to treat disease. Medical treatments are most often “one-size-fits-all” experiences. Use of safe, non-surgical, restorative therapies to optimize each of the 8 critical systems in a 52-week personalized action plan customized right down to the individual’s genetic profiling and unique risk factors.
VIEWS ON MITOCHONDRIA Leave mitochondria as is. Mitochondria play a critical role in aging and many chronic diseases. Use all known measures to keep mitochondria at peak functioning levels.
VIEWS ON HORMONES Treat only when there is deficiency and disease. In women with menopause, briefly give synthetic estrogen-progesterone to relieve menopausal symptoms. Restore any decline and deficiency of all the major hormones only after specific genetic and other testing. In women with menopause, only after favorable genetic testing, use bio-identical, custom-dosed topical estrogens and progesterone.
VIEWS ON CHRONIC INFLAMMATION Recognized as causing many diseases. Treat with pharmacological doses of anti-inflammatory drugs, cholesterol-lowering medication and others. One of the fundamental systems that is thoroughly assessed and optimized using predictive lab tests. Address all barriers that lead to chronic inflammation to ensure peak health.
ROLE OF CHRONIC STRESS Neither emphasized nor addressed as a major cause of health decline. A complete approach is utilized to address chronic stress, one of the fundamental barriers to optimal health.
PATIENT EDUCATION Minimal and infrequent. A frequent and essential part of the program is to ensure that each patient understands health choices and behaviors that promote peak health.
DURATION OF PATIENT / DOCTOR VISIT 15 to 20 minutes 1 to 3 hours
FREQUENCY OF FOLLOW-UP As needed once symptoms appear or scheduled depending on the disease. A 52-week program with regular follow-ups to ensure fine-tuning and effectiveness. At least 15 to 25 hours of one-on-one time per year with the doctor.
FOLLOW-UP FOCUS AND DURATION Focus on patient’s single concern, health problem, or symptom of a disease. Focus on all 8 critical systems to ensure that the whole body is functioning optimally – exploring and listening to every concern expressed by the patient.
Impersonal, clinical environment; paper gowns.
Relaxing, warm, attentive and soothing environment; terrycloth robes & healthy beverages.
Difficult to schedule visits & rare opportunities to speak directly with the doctor.
Same day appointments, 24/7 direct emergency access to CENIGENT doctors via their cell phones.
CONVENIENCE Long waits, inflexible hours & difficult to schedule appointments. Same day appointments, minimal waits & office hours.
RESULTS Temporizes diseases and symptoms. Age-related health decline taken for granted. Side-effects from medication likely. Achieve and enjoy healthy aging, peak health and vitality – at any age.

CENIGENT Health Enhancement Medical Institute is the future of medicine - assessing, optimizing and restoring the eight core systems that cause or impact aging and disease, so that you can experience peak health, vitality and quality of life, no matter what your age!

Learn more about the eight vital CENIGENT systems that are essential to your ability to restore and enjoy peak health, energy and vitality


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