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Diseases & Conditions We Treat

For all of us, the word ‘disease’ can evoke fear. Living with a chronic illness or disease carries its own daily terrors. At best, it restricts your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. At worst, it robs you of years and creates dependency on others.

CENIGENT offers hope – and backs it up with advanced, scientific assessments and customized therapies that effectively address all eight of your CENIGENT Systems that govern your total health, right down to your unique genetic code.

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with any of the following conditions, we urge you to look into one of our CENIGENT medical programs as a credible long term solution that works towards restoring peak health and vitality.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Los Angeles


Loss of memory Non-healing ulcers
Diminished exercise capacity Stroke
Erectile dysfunction Neuropathies
Fatigue Autoimmune diseases
Diminished libido Irritable bowel syndrome
Menopause Osteoarthritis
Andropause (male menopause) Osteoporosis
Weak immunity Fibromyalgia
Sexual dysfunction Chronic fatigue syndrome
Diabetes Alzheimer’s disease
High blood pressure Parkinson’s disease
Elevated cholesterol Poor skin health
Obesity Neurodegenerative diseases
Metabolic syndrome Poor circulation of extremities
Cardiovascular disease Frequent colds
Peripheral vascular disease Overall age-related health decline

Still unsure if CENIGENT is for you? If you have questions about any CENIGENT medical program or a particular condition and whether or not the CENIGENT team can help, you are invited to Ask Dr. Ghaderi A Question. Dr. Lida Ghaderi, founder and medical director of CENIGENT, will respond to your questions personally.

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